I love Estonian Baltic herring

Salt smörrebröd with baltic herring, farm egg and goat cheese

We want to give the Estonian restaurant guest the chance to discover what a sandwich may be like on the plate of a restaurant. We’d like to introduce one of the most typical Estonian foodstuffs – the Baltic herring, this time in the exceedingly trendy Scandinavian sandwich. 

On one hand, Baltic herring is such an everyday fish for us, while at the same time still getting undeservedly few chances as our national fish. We cooperate with local fishermen on the fish market and the food trends of 2015 also show a rising tendency towards small fish in particular, so why not the Baltic herring?

On the side are the best selections from Estonian farms and gardens. 

Vladimir Proskurnin

Chef de cuisine

Restaurant Salt


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I love Estonian Baltic herring

„Ethno Baltic Herring“ shmashed dill potatoes, salted cucumbre and herring caviar

Baltic herring, featured on our tables for generations now, has always been caught from the Baltic Sea. The possibilities for preparing it are endless. Our Baltic herring is marinated in combination with local traditional and Mediterranean flavours. On the plate, it’s coupled with herring roe.
Baltic herring is the Estonian national fish which we have good reason to be proud of. Historically, this fish was the food that kept Estonians from going hungry. Small, often overlooked, but also very valuable and delicious. 
This dish is made special by our ethnic raw produce which we use and combine to highlight the flavours. Mild, but very rich flavours together with the visual side offer a magnificent symbiosis for all our guests who appreciate good food. We’ll recommend a worthy partner to our “Ethnic Baltic herring” from the wine rack of the restaurant.

Kaido Metsa

Chef de cuisine

Gloria Veinikelder

Gloria Veinikelder

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