I love Estonian blueberries

Dmitri Haljukov – chef of restaurant Cru

Since childhood I have picked berries in the forests of Pärnu County every summer. My mother wanted that me and my brother would always get fresh blueberries in summer and delicious blueberry jam in winter. When I grew older, I went to the forest alone to pick blueberries, and could spend a whole day there.

Nordic blueberry is special due to its intense taste. Blueberries grow everywhere and I have tasted blueberries even in Sardinia. But these are not comparable to our special blueberries.

My blueberry recipes are really simple. Make a meringue cake, meringue roll or Britta cake with good cream, which has not been completely whipped, and serve with blueberries. Even more simple dessert is classical panna cotta, which is not served in a cup or bowl, but whipped in cream siphon with two gas cylinders. When you add fresh blueberries and mint, the result is wonderful!

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