I love Estonian elk

Elk boeuf from Saaremaa - salted elk meat, horseradish, trout roe, smoked egg yolk, moss

Because we are from Saaremaa and our people have this special thing going on with moose :)

Just come and try the dish, it doesn’t need introductions...

Martin Meikas, chef de cuisine

Ranno Paukson, chef de cuisine

Restaurant Kaks Kokka

Kaks Kokka

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I love Estonian elk

Elk filet from Saaremaa woods with roasted jerusalem artichok

Our good friends and partners from Saaremaa hunting societies provide moose meat for us, which we grill directly on fire. Jerusalem artichokes have a strong flavour in autumn. They’re served with hand-made moose blood sausage and lingonberry mueslis.


Dmitri Haljukov

Chef de cuisine

Restaurant Cru



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I love Estonian elk

Local elk meat fried with vegetables and wine sauce

This dish is full of Estonian flavours. The meat comes from animals who grew up on rich milk and ate clean Estonian forest and meadow plants, hunted from the beautiful Estonian forests, swamps and moors.

All of this has turned moose meat into a valuable food which contains a lot of protein, amino acids, microelements, and little fat.

Our kitchen is created out of love for modern European cuisine, introducing flavour nuances from Estonia and Scandinavia. We are inspired by fresh ideas and, of course, by the seasons. SPOT is a place where the best thoughts and flavours are born. 

I’m a chef because it’s my calling, I got interested in cooking in childhood already. Good food and working in the kitchen is a part of my everyday life. Discovering something new and creating interesting combinations is my passion. Our cooking is genuine and indulges all senses. Moose dish is a huge favourite of our team and the clients, because it offers something new with exciting flavour nuances. We have created a playful taste experience out of local moose meat and vegetables fried in butter in delicious red wine sauce. You’re welcome to visit and enjoy!



Martin Oluvere

Chef de cuisine

Restaurant SPOT


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