I love Estonian wild boar

Cannelloni pasta with wild boar, tomato and portobello sauce

Wild boar grown in Estonian forests, which turns into a dish with a wonderful harmony of flavours after it’s been marinated, enhanced with seasonings and cooked on low temperature for a long time.

This ingredient was selected because it’s been very popular in our restaurant’s menu in the past.

Pasta and delicate meat, various vegetables and Portobello mushrooms all blended together provide a magnificent flavour.


Üllar Kuhi

Chef de cuisine

Restaurant Rucola


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Ehitajate tee 114A, Tallinn

I love Estonian wild boar

Saaremaa style baked wildboar with juniper berry sauce

We try to use local raw produce as much as possible. The wild boar comes from Adavere in Põltsamaa municipality, and we also offer Estonian organic potatoes and juniper berries picked in Saaremaa. We also use local vegetables depending on the season.

The wild boar is cooked at low temperatures and served in juniper berry sauce. The result is an excellent flavour combination which 99% of the guests adore.


Vladimir Iljin

Chef de cuisine

Restaurant MIX


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I love Estonian wild boar

Stewed wild boar with roasted potato

As wild boar meat was a beloved dish in Sardinia, the childhood home of our head chef Nicolo Tanda, this dish is naturally also part of the menu of La Bottega. We searched for quality produce for a long time and Estonian-hunted boar turned out to be the best. We buy the meat chilled, because this way the pure flavour and excellent structure of the meat are preserved.


Nicolo Tanda

Chef de cuisine

Restaurant La Bottega